James River Short Films Finalist Announced !

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The following are the finalist of the 2014 James River Short Films competition at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts screening November 7th at 6:30PM .
Congratulations to all !
Eyes / Desires  – Joshua Thorud, (5:36) (VA)
Optimist, Pessimist, Solipsist  –  Will Bryan (7:46)  (VA)
After Creation, After Icebergs  – Mary Beth Reed  (2:30)  (VA)
With Grace – Spencer Neale  (29:00)  (VA)
What Heavenly Body – John Hager  (3:00)  (VA)
Victory Remembered: Legacy of the Black Devils – Les Owen  (9:38)  (MD)
In the Dark – Mike Buchbauer  (5:10)  (CA)
On the Train to Kutna Hora…and Back – Ann Deborah Levy  (8:00)  (NY)
The Rubric Timestamped – Luke Szabados  (9:00)  (OH)
Dangerous – Christina O’Connell  (10:00)  (VA)

2014 Legacy Media Institute International Film Festival

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***Events are October 17th-19th at various venues. Please see the site (here) for tickets and schedules!***


Tim Reid’s Legacy Media Institute, in partnership with the City of Petersburg will present LMI’s 2nd Annual International Film Festival October 17th, 18th and 19th, 2014. This year’s theme is: How film and music influence culture.

In celebration of the art of filmmaking, the Festival will present an international showcase of culturally diverse films, while providing local, national, and international filmmakers a forum for their work to be viewed, appreciated, and discussed. The Festival will serve as a vehicle to initiate open dialogue on issues and ideas that build community and cultural awareness and appreciation.

The three day International Film Festival will feature a diverse array of films, film discussions, spoken word, musical events, and a Festival block party at a variety of venues in the city of Petersburg and at Fort Lee. Screenings will include a complement of over 30 short and feature length films from a select group of directors and producers from over 10 countries. Music performances and music’s relation to filmmaking and “culture-defining” will be presented throughout the Festival.

As the first such collaborative effort for the Legacy Media Institute and the City of Petersburg, the International Film Festival is poised to provide an enriching, entertaining, community event. LMI founder, filmmaker and actor, Tim Reid said, “I am excited by the opportunity to join the City in our mutual mission of promoting excellence and appreciation for filmmakers and the stories that they tell.”

“Everybody loves a good story. Film is a medium that brings multitudes of people together. It engages the mind while inviting creativity. Music and its sounds augment our experiences and oftentimes frame our emotions. This festival is a major coup for the City of Petersburg. It will draw from near and far. We are excited about this new partnership and the opportunities to build a greater platform for this art form in Petersburg. Through the efforts of LMI, Petersburg will become the place for arts and culture.” Says Brian C. Little, Sr., Manager of the Department of Cultural Affairs.

The Legacy Media International Film Festival is for filmmakers and film lovers alike. Attendees will be entertained, informed and inspired by the passions and unique visions of the filmmakers that represent their perspective of the interconnectedness of cultures.

To learn more about the Legacy Media Institute, visit www.legacymediainstitute.org.

– See more at: http://lmi-iff.org/about/#sthash.9FwWPgZp.SXzwjyKG.dpuf

2014 James River Short Films Poster

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Click on the image for an enlarged version.


James River Filmmakers Forum Autumn 2014 Edition !

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Master Brush COLOR• Saturday, November 8 at 8:00pm – 10:00pm
• Visual Arts Center of Richmond, 
• 1812 W Main St, Richmond, Virginia 23220
• $4 Admission, Cash bar, Free popcorn


The James River Film Society welcomes independent film enthusiasts.  Join us as we screen the work of local filmmakers .

Each featured panelist will screen their work and take questions from the audience.

Featuring the work of :

Marta Finkelstein – Destruction of Pleasure as a Radical Weapon – 7 minutes

Lauren Cronan – West Point – 14 minutes

Nils Westergard – Wallflower – 4 minutes

Jennifer Tarrazi-Scully / Jeff Roll – Wallpapers – 9 minutes

Christine Stoddard – Richmond’s Dead and Buried – 45 minutes .

** Special musical guest NERVE LEAK **

$4 admission, Cash bar, Free popcorn.   
Located upstairs in the Dominion Room at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond.  
Hosted and curated by Jeff Roll.

James River Short Films Competition 2014

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The James River Short Film juried competition dates to 1994, as part of the inaugural James River Film Festival, in the spring of 1994, when filmmakers, jurors and audience screened all submissions over two late, late nights.  Since then we’ve refined the jurying process, moved the location and the season.
Now all submissions–30 mins.or less, experimental, narrative fiction, nonfiction, animation–are pre-screened by local jurors and advanced to the finalists stage–a screening at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Friday,  November 7, 6:30 pm  ($8 general public/  $5 VMFA and JRFS members).
As usual, $2000 will be awarded at the conclusion of the screening by this year’s special guest, screenwriter, director and Richmonder, Megan Holley, who will screen one of her early short works. Ms. Holley will also designate the 2nd annual Kathryn Stephens Virginia Filmmaker Award.
So join us on November 7 for a screening of independent and innovative short films, and cast your ballot for the People’s Choice Award!   Since 1994, the art of film and film as art.

Silent Music Revival

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• Sunday, September 7, 2014, 8 pm

• Gallery 5, 200 W Marshall St, Richmond, VA 23220

• Addmission: Free


During a Silent Music Revival event a classic silent short film is projected while local musicians act as the live soundtrack.
As an added twist the band does not see the film prior the event and therefore creates an improvised score.

Silent Music Revival


“Judged on its own merits, Borderline is a ground-breaking work, dealing as it does with issues of race and sexuality at a time when such subject matter was still largely taboo and had only been previously tackled cinematically through oblique inference”

with live musical score by:


The World According to Garp at The Byrd Theatre .

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Richmond celebrates the life of Robin Williams with a FREE screening of the 1982 classic The World According to Garp … Monday ( August 18th ) 7:15PM at The Byrd Theatre in Carytown . Donations are encouraged.
Garp’s an aspiring novelist, who’s mother, Jenny is, an unmarried, unorthodox, feminist. Garp succeeds in publishing his novel, at the same time that his mother publishes her first feminist manifesto. Though successful and happily married to his college sweetheart, Helen, Garp still envys his fearless mother . Based on the John Irving novel. Rated R .

James River Filmmakers Forum , Summer 2014 Edition ! Saturday September 6th !

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Master Brush COLOR


The James River Film Society comes out of it’s Summertime slumber as we welcome independent film enthusiast.

Join us as we screen the work of local and visiting filmmakers .

Each featured panelist will screen their work and take questions from the audience.

Featuring the work of :

Kimberly McNamee
Zach Bowman
Connor Burke
Jeff Roll / Kleo Latham
and visiting filmmaker Jonathan Hancock .

$4 admission , Cash bar , Free popcorn .
Located upstairs in the Dominion Room at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond .

1812 W Main St, Richmond, VA

Hosted and curated by Jeff Roll





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Co-sponsored by the VIRGINIA FILM OFFICE

DEADLINE: SEPTEMBER 19, 2014 (postmarked)

$2,000 IN PRIZES!



James River Shorts is a mini-festival devoted to the short. The centerpiece is a juried competition for short films (30 minutes or less) from around the globe that best embody what the James River Film Society and James River Film Festival are all about – the art of film and film as art. It’s also the James River Film Festival’s little sibling. Even a snapshot of the guests from past 20 years of the JRFF –Michael Almereyda, Caroline Martel, Tom Davenport, David Gatten, Ross McElwee, Jodie Mack, Peggy Ahwesh, Jem Cohen, Bruce Bickford, Richard Kelly, Chuck Statler, Karen Aqua, Joanna Priestley, Richard Myers, Pere Ubu, Martha Colburn, Mel Stuart, The Brothers Quay, Jonas Mekas, Les Blank, Ray Harryhausen, Tom Verlaine, Charles Burnett, Albert Maysles, John Columbus, Stan Brakhage, Scott MacDonald, and William Wegman – shows that we have a broad concept of the art of film and film as art. Therefore, we encourage all types of short films – fiction, nonfiction, animation, experimental and more. We define short, you define art.


James River Shorts is designed to celebrate the art of film regardless of category or genre, yet films made for educational or industrial purposes are not relevant to our mission. Maximum running time is 30 min.


For pre-screening purposes, send DVDs or URLs for online content. Please do not send film prints for pre-screening. During the festival works can be screened on Quicktime, Blu-ray or standard DVD.


Please do not send promotional materials (posters, stills, postcards, etc.) at this time.


Virginia Residents: $15, Non-Virginia Residents: $25

Checks or money orders made payable to James River Film Society should be mailed to James River Film Society, P.O. Box 7469, Richmond, VA 23221.

To pay with credit card, click on Network for Good located under Give Now on all JRFS pages. Please type “James River Shorts” as the “gift” Designation.


Please do not use fiber-filled envelopes.International entires must be marked “For Cultural Purposes Only — No Commercial Value.” The festival will not pay for import duty or taxes. All entries should be sent to James River Shorts, P.O. Box 7469, Richmond, VA 23221. If shipping with courier services that will not deliver to post office boxes, send to James River Film Society @ Visual Arts Center, 1812 W. Main Street, Richmond, VA 23220. Each entry must be accompanied by check or electronic payment ($25 out-of-state; $15 VA residents) payable to: James River Film Society


Our festival is designed to have no regard for traditional categories like fiction, nonfiction, animation or experimental. For the festival we will select the films that we feel best represent the art of film and film as art, regardless of type or category.


Those entrants who become finalists for the Awards screening November 7 will be notified by October 20, 2014. A jury of area filmmakers and film educators will pre-screen and select the finalists, whose work will be featured in the Friday, November 7, 2014, 6:30 pm James River Shorts Awards Screening at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Leslie Cheek Theatre. A special guest filmmaker/ film curator (TBA) will make final all designations of cash awards.


Cash awards totaling $2,000 will be given for first, second, third places, and the Kathryn Stephens Virginia Filmmaker Award will be presented to best film by a Virginia filmmaker. The audience will also vote for the People’s Choice Award.


DVD screeners will not be returned.


Film Title
Country of Origin
Running Time
Date Completed
Production Format
Pre-Screening Format
Web Entry URL
Web Entry Access Info
Screening Format
Full Address
Entry Fee
Please write a short blurb, to include film title, a brief synopsis, filmmaker’s biography and a screening history of the work. Stills and promotional materials may be requested after programming decisions are made.
Acceptance of Regulations
I hereby certify that I am the rightful owner of the work described below, and own all rights and releases necessary for public screening. By submitting this entry, I agree that James River Shorts Festival may publicly screen my work as well as use stills and descriptive material in the official program and any other publicity efforts. James River Shorts is not responsible for any costs or expenses arising out of any such use by the festival, nor is James River Shorts responsible for loss or damage to entry or screening materials in transit. I agree to provide a finished copy in the format indicated above no later than two weeks prior to the festival.

Project Resolution: Pizza!

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• Sunday, June 22, 2014, 7 pm

• Gallery 5, 200 W Marshall St, Richmond, Virginia 23220

• Admission: Free


Project Resolution is BACK! Bring your short films to this monthly event. Free to submit, free to attend, free to critique.

This month’s theme: Pizza!

Bring your short film or impress us all by making one just for Project Resolution. There are no limits on the content or type of film you can show and no one will screen the shorts beforehand. If you show your film, you MUST stay for a critique/Q&A with the audience immediately following your film.

Try to keep films under 15 minutes in length. If your film is over 15 minutes, contact us ahead of time as it can be scheduled as a special presentation at a future event. If there is time available, longer films will sometimes be shown.

Submit your film on DVD or media file at 7:00PM on June 22 at Gallery 5. First come, first serve.

Come with ideas for next month’s theme and vote on the best one at the end of the screening.

This free event is hosted by Gallery5. Donations are welcomed at the door. Drinks are available at the bar.

Sponsored by the new Richmond District of the Virginia Production Alliance


Southside Cinema : Celluloid Residue

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southside cinema poster

Southside Cinema presents five local filmmakers and six dark films.

Anxiety Dream by Jeff Roll. An experimental short highly influenced by Silent era German Expressionism, Anxiety Dream depicts a young woman who awakes from a dream to the feeling that she is not alone. Stars Lauren Marie Hafner ( A Streetcar Named Desire ) and Tim Sinclair.

Cody by Helen Stoddard.

CAIN by John Cappello. Winner of Best Cinematography at the 2013 Columbia University National Undergraduate Film Festival. An adaptation of the Cain & Abel story from the Bible. This film is not made for promotion of religious beliefs. It is an interpretation of violence in religious texts and the efforts we go through to hide our doubt in spiritual faith. From one of the Bible’s more morally ambiguous fables that explores themes such as religious morality and idealism idealism; from a respectfully Atheistic perspective. And it features sexy cavemen.

My Jenny Goes to California by Christine Stoddard. Winner of the RVA Magazine Director’s Cut award in 2009. A short, musical film set to a poem about a young Southern woman who moves to Los Angeles to pursue stardom.

Optimist, Pessimist, Solipsist by Freeman Bryan
Animated short. Three characters, Shelly, Russell, and Angelo. In the style of a children’s book, an omniscient narrator tells us how each expects to die. Two of them are lunatics. Is the third one sane?

Unexposed by Freeman Bryan
Sophie is an undergraduate photographer at VCU. When she learns that her peers have been abused by a very dangerous man, she makes it her business to expose him as a predator. But his victims, instead of helping Sophie bring him to justice, prefer to stay silent. Who will believe Sophie? And who will protect her?

VCU Film Class of 2014 – Short Films @ The Byrd (FREE)

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• Saturday, April 26, 2014, 1 pm
• The Byrd Theatre, Cary Street, Richmond, Virginia 23221
• Admission FREE

Come out April 26th at the Byrd Theatre in Carytown for a FREE screening of student short films, animations and trailers by seniors of the VCU Photo/Film department.

Work by: Hunter Brumfield, Connor R. Burke, Graham Ohmer, Troy D Grew, Kimberly McNamee, Gabby Namm, David Reisinger, Nils Westergard

Presented by: Tyler Kirby

Guest Critic: Rick Alverson, Filmmaker


21st James River Film Festival: Program Guide

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Clink link below for PDF of Program Guide


21st James River Film Festival: As the Palaces Burn!

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• Sunday, April 13, 2014, 8 pm
• Visual Arts Center, 1812 W Main St, Richmond, Va, 23220, 804-353-0094
• Admission $5

As the Palaces Burn! (dir: Argott, 2014, 120 min)  What begins as a 2012 concert tour document of RVA-based metal-men Lamb of God takes a weird turn when singer Randy Blythe is arrested for manslaughter in the Czech Republic. The charge dates from a 2010 gig when a fan fell from the stage, and the outcome of the case can determine the band’s future. Suddenly Argott’s film finds its heart and essential story-line as it follows Blythe’s subsequent legal difficulties and his courageous decision to return to Czech for trial.

Tickets available at the door or the Eventbrite link below.

Eventbrite - As The Palaces Burn ! at the James River Film Festival 2014


21st James River Film Festival: INDEPENDENT CLASSIC! Come Back, Africa

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• Sunday, April 13, 2014, 6 pm
• Visual Arts Center, 1812 W Main St, Richmond, Va, 23220, 804-353-0094
• Admission $5

Come Back, Africa, (dir: Rogosin, ’59, 95 min), restored by Milestone Film and Video.  “A heroic film…a film of terrible beauty.”—Martin Scorsese.  One of the few films to emerge from sub-Saharan Africa at that time,  American independent director Lionel Rogosin’s (On the Bowery) docufiction is a searing look at life under apartheid. Secretly filmed in Johannesburg and Gauteng, South Africa, it follows the plight of Zachariah, a Zulu who seeks better paying work in the gold mines, but is denied because of the restrictive “pass laws”. As he and his wife sink further, we feel first their anger and finally, their hopelessness.  Jonas Mekas (JRFF guest in 2002) described Rogosin’s film as: “The sound of the beating of the consciousness of a waking Africa”.

Tickets available at the door or the Eventbrite link below.

Eventbrite - The James River Film Festival presents Come Back , Africa